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Interview: To Build A Village

Last week I sat down with Laura Markowitz with Arizona Public Media to discuss To Build a Village, an initiative that my colleague Beverly Beach and I are working to manifest in Haiti. From the article:

“If Haiti can restore its badly degrade ecosystems—only 2 percent of the nation’s forests remain—then the poorest country in […]

HURRICANES & DROUGHT: In Search of El Nino

Yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona, the late-afternoon temperature was 105 degrees with a humidity reading of 5 percent! One hundred and seventy miles to the south and 2,889 feet higher in elevation, our temperature hovered in […]

PLASTIC BAGS, a true story

I was home from school the day the electricity first surged through the network of thick grey wires that wove throughout our house. In this old, old house made of stone and earth, it was […]


It is early June and the weather here is unusual. Typically I would expect temperatures to be in the high range, high 90’s that is, perhaps even into the 100’s. May and June are the months of the hot dry summer and it is heat that brings […]


Since 1990 the Escondido Conservancy has been working to preserve the watershed of the Escondido Creek. Almost 26 miles long, the creek threads its way through numerous communities of people, plants and fauna as it makes its way to the 1,000-acre San Elijo Lagoon. […]